April 27, 2007- Bedford, TX Rockwell Collins of Cedar Rapids, Iowa has awarded REB Technologies, Inc. (REBTECH) the contract for Night Vision Goggle compatible lighting for the C-130 aircraft.  The contract requires that REBTECH support and complement Rockwell Collins’ Flight 2™ Total Cockpit Layout concept with the modification of miscellaneous instruments, displays, panels and switches located within the flight deck area.  Initial shipment of modification hardware is due on 11 May 2007 with the entire order scheduled for completion by 15 December 2007. 

REBTECH is recognized for the modification of civilian aircraft utilized by law enforcement agencies, air rescue and medical evacuation; however they also have extensive background in military applications. Previous lighting programs completed by REBTECH include B-1 Bomber cockpit lighting, C-5 for flight deck and visible and covert cargo bay illumination.  In addition, REBTECH has modified cockpits and discrete instruments and displays for various U.S.A.F. aircraft. Previous experience with the C-130 includes the modification of U.S. Marine Corps fuel tankers deployed in the Middle East.