REBTECH provides complete cockpit/cabin night vision compatible lighting systems and equipment modification for new or “green” aircraft/helicopters. In-service aircraft/helicopters can be modified by REBTECH or an authorized installer. Aircraft downtime can be mitigated with installation services at the customer location.

REBTECH can modify NAV/COMM control heads with SHADOWS™ Color Filters. To meet FAA requirements of the FAA, a new filter assembly is installed to replace the filter normally furnished by the original equipment’s manufacturer. SHADOWS™ filters allow for night vision goggle compatibility as well as satisfying sunlight readability requirements.

Modification of the filters is regulated by FAA approved process specifications.
All REBTECH internal modifications are performed and maintained under the same process specification. In case of equipment failure, this process allows the customer to either return the unit to REBTECH for repair or use their local FAA approved repair facility to eliminate aircraft downtime.