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Night Vision Modifications

REBTECH provides complete cockpit/cabin and external night vision compatible lighting systems and equipment modification for new or “green” aircraft/helicopters. In-service aircraft/helicopters can be modified by REBTECH or an authorized installer. Covert External Lighting can be added to the NVG Modification Aircraft system with rewiring the aircraft for Dual Mode Operations and the addition of Dual Mode (Vis/IR) External Lights.  Downtime can be mitigated with installation services at the customer location.

REBTECH can modify NAV/COMM control heads with SHADOWS™  Filters. To meet FAA requirements of the FAA, a new filter assembly is installed to replace the filter normally furnished by the original equipment’s manufacturer. SHADOWS™ filters allow for night vision goggle compatibility as well as satisfying sunlight readability requirements.

Modification of the filters is regulated by FAA approved process specifications.
All REBTECH internal modifications are performed and maintained under the same process specification. In case of equipment failure, this process allows the customer to either return the unit to REBTECH for repair or use their local FAA approved repair facility to eliminate aircraft downtime.

Types of Modifications

Every aircraft is reviewed during our initial evaluation to determine the most appropriate modification method.  Current configuration, installation techniques and maintainability are based on specific customer requirements for each modification.

SHADOWS™ Screens

Shadow screen modifications are typically used for aircraft equipped with back lit or internally illuminated instruments. The SHADOWS™ screen assembly consists of REBTECH’s patented filter material secured within a 0.090 thick black anodized aluminum housing. This unique modification allows for efficient installation with no modifications to the aircraft’s electrical system.

SHADOWS™ Post Lights

Shadows post light installations are used for aircraft with either non-illuminated instruments or existing post lights. SHADOWS™ post lights allow for even illumination and can be supplied in either incandescent or LED assemblies.


Spideroptics installations are used solely on Airbus Helicopters’s AS350 B2 series aircraft and AS 355 Twinstars, using fiber optic boxes to illuminate the instrument panels. The Spideroptics box replaces the OEM furnished fiber optic box, providing NVG white spray lighting for the flight and engine instruments.

Internal Modifications

In many NVG modifications, there are instruments and avionics that must be modified internally to conform to a specific cockpit layout. There are multiple methods that can be employed for both internal and external modifications. The optimal modification is specified for our customers during the quote phase.


Installation requires the removal of the OEM cover glass, which is replaced with a precision cut REBTECH glass or carbon filter.

REBTECH has developed crew station lighting that is compatible with daylight* and night vision flight operations. For the crew station lighting to be compatible with night vision goggles (NVGs), the illumination of the cockpit’s instruments and displays require modification.  The modification of instrumentation, displays, switching and avionics systems dictates that the infrared inherent with their illumination be eliminated, leaving only visible light available to the pilot or flight crew. Elimination of interior infrared permits the NVGs to acquire miniscule amounts of infrared available outside of the cockpit.  The infrared available from the night sky boosted by the NVG’s gain control amplification provides maximum visibility in a nighttime environment.

SHADOWS™ Filtered Lamp Assembly (FLA)

The OEM lamps are removed and replaced with REBTECH SHADOWS™ FLAs.

*Both modifications provide the pilot with original OEM warning colors and clarity of the LRU that has been modified.

Cargo/Passenger Lighting Modifications

Flight crew stations and cabin areas must be converted to night vision compatible areas.  REBTECH’s exclusive filters provide ample lighting to meet crewmember requirements such as air medical and law enforcement missions.

An important advantage of SHADOWS™ technology is its ability to match the avionics color coordinates for red and amber light. Instead of providing a watered-down red (peach/watermelon) and amber (orange/lime) light, SHADOWS™ Filters and *FLAs provide vivid aviation red and amber colored lighting. In addition to maintaining the aviation color schemes for the Caution Advisory System and discrete illuminated push button switches, the sunlight readability criteria meets FAA requirements.

SHADOWS™ Filters

The elimination of infrared light within the cockpit can be accomplished in a number of ways.  REBTECH’s preferred method is to filter the lighting of the instrument making it compatible with NVGs.  REBTECH has developed a line of infrared retardant filters called SHADOWS™, a product that allows for versatility of application in cockpit modifications.

One method of instrument modification includes the removal of the instrument’s cover glass; replacing it with a SHADOWS™ clear filter. This process is gaining acceptance by the FAA through the use of Process Specifications. To date, only certain radar altimeter, attitude director and horizontal situation indicator models have been consistently modified under the use of Process Specifications. This modification process not only provides enhanced instrument viewability, but allows for maintenance by a local FAA authorized repair facility.