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REB Technologies (REBTECH) was founded in 1996 by Dick Borkowski and continues to be a family-owned and managed company.  With an extensive career in aviation instrumentation going back to the early 1960’s, Dick was involved in the initial development of the MIL-L-85762 specification which is the original specification defining Night Vision Systems.  At the time of REBTECH’s founding, the NVIS industry was under a significant shift, NVIS Goggles were benefiting from an increase in technology and civilian aviation operators were requiring NVIS capabilities.

Dick had significant experience in the civil aviation industry and knew that existing NVIS lead-times and aircraft downtime would be unacceptable in civil aviation and wanted to build a small flexible company that provided a quality product, quick turns solutions and zero AOG conditions without overloading the customer with excessive spares inventory.

In 2008, Dick turned over the company to his son Richard Borkowski.  Richard has maintained the same base principles established under Dick while providing additional marketing in foreign civil sales and special operations operators, as well as developing contract Airworthiness Certifications capability.

Located in Bedford, Texas, REBTECH is a truly global company. It provides research and development, consultation, installation services and support for a variety of military and civil customers and flight departments around the world.

REBTECH provides consulting and custom tailored programs for all aspects of night vision technology, equipment, training and developmental systems.  As a result of its expertise, REBTECH has earned many FAA-approved supplemental type certificates (STCs). The company’s skilled technicians have performed lighting modifications and installations for the United States Military and foreign governments as well as commercial installations for domestic and international customers. In addition, REBTECH is currently working with several international CAA offices to establish the guidelines for NVG operations and certification requirements throughout the world.

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